State-of-the-art EPOS for nightclubs installed by our specialists in West-Sussex

In a nightclub speed of service is vital. We provide ICRTouch EPOS for nightclubs, which operate with minimum key presses optimising the speed of service. Integrated card payments speed up the Point of Sale process, and reduce queues.

EPoS Free Consultation: 01243 855700

EPoS Free Consultation:
01243 855700

EPOS for nightclubs

Benefits of using our EPOS for nightclubs

Admission Tickets

Our TouchPoint software can produce tickets that can be used for quick admission into the nightclub venue.

Quick and Easy to Operate

New staff can operate the till with minimal training. Our simple layouts are easy to use with image buttons and a graphical table plan making it quick to operate.

Rear Media Displays

In the loud nightclub environment, rear media displays allow your customers to check their order as it is processed and also providing an advertising opportunity.


Keep an eye on day-to-day activity with real-time sales information with our TouchOffice Web software. This will allow you to know what is actually selling and what isn’t.

Happy Hour Promotions

Our TouchPoint software allows you to schedule price changes on drinks to decrease for a period of time through the evening.

Card payments

Keep the queues to a minimum and speed up the payment process with integrated card and mobile payments.

Cocktail Instructions

Our TouchPoint software can guide your staff through making each cocktail with an ingredients list so even new staff can provide the drinks as they should be.

Customer Loyalty

Account details are integrated into the till so you know your customers and where they are spending their money. Run targeted promotions and point schemes, create vouchers and gift cards that will keep your customers coming back.

Stock management

Managers can keep an eye on stock, schedule / place orders and easily and keep track of ins and outs.

Time And Attendance

TouchOffice Web software keeps a reliable and accurate record of your staff’s time and attendance. If an employee disputes their hours, you have the facts to hand.

Features of our EPOS for nightclubs

Our nightclubs EPOS systems enable you to achieve more. Whether that’s increasing orders with display advertising, reduce queues by installing a kiosk, improving service, increase efficiency in your kitchen or better stock management, we’ve got you covered.

Everything in one system

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