State-of-the-art EPOS for pop-ups installed by our specialists in West-Sussex

A pop-up venue or event requires a lot of planning. We provide EPoS for pop-ups including the necessary hardware equipment that is a good fit with the temporary or seasonal pop-up venues or event businesses.

EPoS Free Consultation: 01243 855700

EPoS Free Consultation:
01243 855700

EPoS for Pop ups and markets

Benefits of using our EPOS for pop-ups

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Reduce queue time with fast, secure card, contactless and mobile transactions. Tender amount is sent straight to the EFTPOS reducing the risk of human error.

Real-Time Sales

To keep an eye on sales figures during an event and make price, product and promotional adjustments on the fly.

Short Term Rentals

We offer solutions that can be used on a short-term rental basis, ideal for one off pop-up events. .

Staff Secure Sign On

Staff can sign onto the PoS system securely with fingerprint, iButton, magnetic or Mifare card sign on.

Features of our EPoS for pop-ups

EPoS for Pop-Ups and events

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